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New to the breed/forum from Colorado :)

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Hi all, I recently adopted an 18 month old doberman from the local shelter, she's one of the most amazing dogs I've ever owned. She's just getting to a little over a week after her spay, and her personality is just fantastic. I have 3 kids who she instantly loved, showing obvious worry over them going to school the first day she was home, and now with my daycare kids she follows them all over the house and gets so worried when one of them cries. She is mostly well behaved on a leash, doesn't bolt out doors, has an almost 100% recall after a couple days, and is so smart I would never have imagined. I do have to say she doesn't seem at all interested in toys, so much as being with her people. She's a true velcro dog and I love her more every day. So glad to be here, I'll need all the info I can get. Sorry about the picture size LOL.

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Thank you for rescuing. The toy thing will come when she has adjusted and settled in more. :)
Hi and welcome to the forum from PA. Thanks so much for rescuing. Best of luck with your new Dobe.
Thank you for bringing her into your family.
Thanks for giving this girl a seconed chance! Sounds like you've got a real sweet girl there!
Congrats! Your dog is just awesome!! Make sure you give her tons of hugs and love and she will amaze you even more!
Hello and welcome from Texas. Your girl looks great. Congratulations.
Good for you adopting, there are so many that need homes. She looks like she's adjusting just fine (couch photos). She will learn your ways quickly. They are so smart.
Hello and welcome from Maine! Your girl is absolutely gorgeous! Have fun
Thank you all for the warm welcome. I have worked in and with rescue since I was 12, so I couldn't think of anything less than adopting. I am now a dog walker for the humane society when she came in. I saw her when she first came in, she'd hear us and look over the divider from the strays to adoptable pets, and I was instantly drawn to her. As soon as she was put on the floor I walked her w/ my two year old and it was instantly love at first sight/walk.
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Welcome from Missouri - I have several puppies in Colorado so if you want some folks to meet let me know. I have some in Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aurora, Broomfield etc.
welcome She will come around with the toys. Give her some time to settle in. You can get some of the toys that you put treats inside them. Maybe that will start to get her interested in them. Thanks for rescuing and giving her a second chance.
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Anyone have any advice about training? She has 0 interest in treats, she knows sit, but she does it on her own time lol. I'm wondering if it's a trust thing. I'm going to look into getting her into classes, there's a guy in town that gives an 8 wk course for like $75, and I've been training for years myself, but I've yet to meet a dog that is just not food motivated at all. I am kind of hoping she will be affection motivated instead, that way there's no weaning process lol.
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Hello and Welcome to Doberman Talk!

Bless you for choosing to adopt and not shop! Thank you for helping animals in need.

Hugz to Delilah!
Oh, what a lucky girl!!!
So sweet the photo is of her being a couch potato!!!
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