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new to forums

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Hi, new to the forums.

My name is Rachael, Im 23, live in Jacksonville, Florida, and Im a vet tech. I own two red dobermans, a 6 year old red male, and a 3 year old red female. I also own an approximately 2-3 year old doxie/min pin mix female.. a stray who adopted me.

Also part of my family are four cats, a tortoise and a turtle, a degu, a husband and an african clawed frog.
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Welcome to DT. Can't wait to see pics of your family.
Welcome to DT from NC. I had to look Degu up. LOL! Good to learn something new. I'll have to remember to keep that one from my daughter. She once had 15 Gerbils. I've had my fill of rodents for the time being!

Welcome Rachael. We'd love to see pictures of your "zoo", lol. There are several of us like that here.
Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy!! :)
WELCOME.....and we want pictures!!! I want to be a vet tech....but I'm tooo busy with my kids and now paying for college to go back to school. You are so lucky you are doing it while you are young.

Carol & Petey!
Wow what a combo you have :) Welcome from me and my 2 girls in Va.
Welcome from Washington State!!!

Robin and Rex
Welcome from Colorado. I can't wait to see pictures!
Welcome from SE Pennsylvania ........... but a Florida transplant from St. Petersburg. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.
Welcome to the forum from me and my pack here in the U.K.
Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a house full. This is a great place to friends and advice. Welcome again from my full house also.. 4 dobermans and 2 cats.
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