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new puppy shopping list

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What do you feel are the essentials?

So far I have:

crate - borrowed and waiting in the garage for use
ID tag - engraved and purchased!
kong toy - purchased
peanut butter - purchased
leash - purchased
sweater or coat for pit stops on the long drive home
collar - not sure what kind, should I get a slip/training collar as well as one just for wearing his tags while teaching him leash manners?
clicker - purchased
training treats - suggestions?
super hard to destroy rubber toy of some kind - suggestions?
deer antlers
a couple of stuffie fluffies with squeakers
crate cover
crate pad - suggestions?
dog bed? not sure what kind to get, or if a crate pad is enough at first
puppy food - going with what the breeder has been using for now
"peticure" attachment for my dremel tool

Other items you all can think of?
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Food and water bowls, but you probably already have those and just forgot to mention them in your post. As for the collar, I have a basic nylon collar and have had the same one since he was a pup. I think that Kongs are great as far as indestructible rubber toys go. But I have a little tire attached to a rope toy that I got at Petsmart. I don't know about a crate pad for a small puppy until 1) he's housebroken, and 2) you're sure that your pup won't shred and eat it.
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I'd suggest owning multiple kongs. I have four and sometimes I still feel that they aren't enough (however, I give my boy a kong every time he's crated, even if it's just for a short period of time). As for the collar, I'd suggest just a regular nylon flat-collar. A young puppy doesn't need a training collar and when they're small they don't pull that bad. I'd suggest trying to nip training issues in the bud with a flat collar and maybe you won't need a training collar ever! Costco has nice dog beds that are pretty cheap :]
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goughnuts toys are pretty indestructible, though a frozen carrot might be enough to soothe a mouthy puppy.
I train puppies on their flat collar. I always use leather leashes. Treats - anything really :) but I pick food driven dogs. I use part of their kibble, zukes, natural balance rolls, chicken, turkey hot dogs, string cheese.
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Wow, you're ultra pre-prepared! :) Maybe I could add some pet-safe anti-bac? Incase of 'accidents'. And I had anti-chew spray for the kitchen cabinet corners incase the puppy thought about it, but I guess since you're crate training you wont need those.

Stair gate?
Camera. With video capability if at all possible. Even a cheap one nowadays will take photos/videos sufficient to allow you to preserve the precious memory of your wee puppy, who will not stay wee long enough at all.

Stainless bowls.

Exercise pen. I really would not want to try to run a household without an ex pen. They are not as common to find on Craigslist used, but they do show up there.

I brought Gracie home at 10 weeks of age on a flat collar; a soft and satiny one that is now on our 9 lb. rescued pup. Got it at PetCo (which I can tell you because I looked at Petsmart and they didn't have them). From there we graduated to nylon martingales. I like martingale collars for dogs with tapered necks and/or long necks, as they are less likely to be able to back out of them.

Whoever you train with is likely to have an opinion as to what all collars/harnesses you might like to have for training.

Gracie still cannot have free access to her bed at 7 months of age. She believes it to be a multi-purpose object; both a toy and a bed, depending on her energy level at the moment. We've used old throw rugs, bath towels, and inexpensive fleece throws for her to sleep on when she's not in the bed with us.

We don't leave her unattended with toys. That said, she loves her stuffies and has not unstuffed any of them. She loves her Cuz far beyond what it appears to be. She loves to squeak toys in general, so anything that squeaks is preferable to anything that doesn't, with the notable exception of her light up ball.

Though she goes through them now in ten minutes, bully sticks were a Godsend when Gracie was teething. CostCo sells a bulk pack.

We use hot dogs and string cheese as training treats, as well as small kibbles in brands other than what Gracie generally is fed.

Is that crate loan good for the approximately three years you'll need it? A young dog left loose in the house is likely to find something (expensive, irreplaceable, hazardous) to chew on.

Where is your puppy coming from?

And congratulations!
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