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So, I got a new baby girl a couple days ago. She was part rescue, part I just plain wanted her. She is almost six months old and 28 pounds. Her previous owner kept her in a crate 18 hours a day and fed her Ol' roy. Her first time on a leash was the day I brought her home. I switched her to wellness puppy food immediately and have had surprisingly few ill effects. Her stools are slightly loose, but not runny or frequent. Poor thing had a rough first day. She had a bath, went to the vet, and got introduced to a leash. She has juvenile vaginitis in addition to being underweight. Other than that she is in general good health.

So far she has been very skittish, but sweet. She is warming up quicker than I expected. The first day she would slink around a couple inches off the ground. She was just terrified. She loves Zeus, but his energy scares her sometimes. I think she doesn't know how to be a puppy because she was caged so much. She guards her food from Zeus and growls if he comes near, but she very willingly lets me take it if I choose.

Anyway... she NEEDS a name. I can't come up with one that suits her. I don't know why she is so hard to name! I was thinking Athena or Nova. Maybe something that goes well with Zeus. Ideas?
BTW I can't remember how to post pics!

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I like both of your suggestions! Heres a few more along the same lines..

Hera was Zeus's wife, and her Roman Mythology counterpart is Juno (super cute!)
Aphrodite (Venus) was the goddess of love and beauty
Athena (Minerva) was the goddess of wisdom and was Zeus's favorite daughter
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Anthea--(an thee a) Flower, but a name associated with Hera, Zeus' wife.

Ianthe--(i an thee) Also means flower, violet (I thought of shrinking violet) She was an ocean nymph.

Kore--(kor a or kor ee) Means "the maiden", a description used for Persephone, who was the girl (daughter of Zeus, hmm) who was kidnapped by Hades and taken to the underworld. A sort of goddess of vegetation type myth where plants grow in the spring and disappear as winter comes, only to come back in the next spring.

Thalia--(they lee uh) To blossum

Zephyr--God of the west wind. Unfortunately male, but the made-up female version is Zephyra (ZEF fer ruh). I just thought Zeus and Zephyra sounded good together.

All these names are Greek in origin.

Oh, and by the way, Miss Nameless is really cute, even if she is skinny, poor thing. You said she was light--do you think she is small too? I especially like the first picture--I think pink is her color!!

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Congrats on the new addition. Hopefully she doesn't have any long term issues due to her previous living situation.

How about Zena? Zeus and Zena
I'll second these and add


Here's a few signifying a new life/start/beginning as well as others:

Zoe (of greek origin meaning life)
Nysa or Nyssa(greek origin meaning beginning) friend of my sisters is actually named this, she's a very nautrey, horse loving, caring person, with a goofy and daring side.
Nitsa (means light)
Callista (she who is most beautiful) Calli/Calli for short
Damara (gentle)
Drucilla (strong one)
Ellana, elaine, elista (light &/or shining)
Lena, Lucia (light, bringer of light)
Mara (eternally beautiful)
Rena (peace)

Official Baby Name Guide | Boy Baby Names and Baby Girl Names
Here's the site i used, you can search by country/category or just the name and see its meaning and origin.

Good luck and I wish a quick recovery to her! She looks so sweet, the poor thing, thankfully she found you!

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She does seem small. If I remember right, she's about the size Zeus was at four months. He's 72 pounds now at 18 months. There was a 17 week old dobie at work today that was WAY bigger than her. His owner said he was 40 pounds. Her parents were apparently 70 something and 90 pounds. She's a good eater and I have no doubt I will see decent growth pretty quickly. I like Zephyra! I like a lot of the names, but when I say them, they don't seem to fit her. I may be a bit silly lol. I always planned on naming a female dobie Athena, but I just don't know with her. I guess we will see what I name her as I get to know her. She does need a name though, I can't keep calling her puppy and baby forever. :)

She has already made great improvements. Instead of slinking, she is walking almost normal. She is still nervous, but coming out of her shell. She is scared, but curious. I'm taking that as a good sign. I can't believe how well she is doing going potty outside. She hasn't had a single accident and she whines when she needs to go out. Surprising for a dog that has been kept in a cage her whole life. She is as sweet as can be. She sat on my lap for a lot of tonight. She hung out with me while I took a bath last night. She and I bonded pretty quickly. Her previous owner said I am the ONLY stranger she has ever willingly come up to.

*Oh and she LOVES to see herself in the mirror. It is so effing CUTE! Zeus will bark at himself, but she just stares.

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So, I got a new baby girl a couple days ago. She was part rescue, part I just plain wanted her. She is almost six months old and 28 pounds. Her previous owner kept her in a crate 18 hours a day and fed her Ol' roy.
NOT OL' ROY!!! Hahaha I like Karma, someone said that, and my suggestions are:

Juno (Already said, but cute!!)
Apollo (Even though she is a girl)
Aries (Again, although she is a girl, this is cute)
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Oh, i like that first picture of her! She's a cutie.

I was going to suggest Juno, as was already mentioned a couple of times upthread. It's what one of the Swiss Family Robinson's dogs were named, and I'm a sucker for literature.

Let's see, other Greek names...

Helen (The face that launched a thousand ships)
Penelope (Penny would be cute!)
Athena (Zeus' daughter. Minerva, if we're inclined for the Roman. Also already mentioned!)
Eos (goddess of the dawn...the pink made me think of it ;) )

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Aceso was a goddess personifying the healing process.
Achelois means "she who drives away pain".

I also love...
Epione (goddess of soothing)
Krateis (it means "mighty")
Psyche (yes, that's a real goddess! The goddess of soul)
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