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On food for puppies new from the breeder I recommend (and this is what I've done for years)you keep feeding whatever the breeder was feeding the puppy. I do that for around four weeks and start changing to what I want to feed (if the breeder isn't already feeding what I prefer for puppies. Pups have such a big change already going to a new home with no mom, no sibling in a place he doesn't know anything about and new people I figure I'm not going to change their food too. That can wait.

Also--in general I don't recommend feeding different brands of food and mixing them together--if the pup ends up with problems (sloppy stools, not eating well--that kind of thing if you are feeding a mix you then don't know which one is causeing it. So I pick a food and stick to it unless the pup doesn't do well on it.

You might do a search on "Feeding puppys" there have been multiple threads about this and it will give you an idea about what various people feed and why.

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