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New Play Mate

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My ex-girlfriend will come and pick Dozer up from time to time if I'm going to be at work a while. I was going to pick him up around 10 tonight and I find him playing with a fawn male which is 2 days younger (the new neighbor's dog). They had a blast and now he's asleep in the recliner. He had such a busy day; dog park this morning, play date with lab friend before I left for work, and doberman play at night. At least he has a dog to play with when he's over there now. Just thought I'd share :)
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Sounds like a dogs heaven. Lots of fun activity to tire them out. Now, I think the treats are the next lecture on the list.
Yeah, today was Heaven for Doz. He got to play with his friends AND I gave him a raw bone when I got home.

So great to have a playmate....

Carol & Petey!
Ooooh, raw bone and play time. You better give him a pinch to let him know he is not dreaming.
I'll have to remember to get a picture or tell Danielle to. It was dark last night and I didn't have my camera.
It will be a long time before I get my Dobe but to avoid my girl not having any friend problems, I'll be litter scouting with my mom. We've decided that we're going to buy sisters! Good to hear that Dozer isn't friendless. :]
Oh man, two puppies in the house at once? I'll hand you your blindfold, cigarette and last meal now! Take it from a girl who is trying to make it work right now, you will have NO life with two babies at home. It's like having twins who like to chew power cords. *sigh*

(But they're pretty cute when they sleep together. Shhhh... ;) )
Well the other pup belongs to her neighbor and they play outside. But it is cute when dozer sleeps with the cats though :)
Whoops, sorry SNCBOOM, I was speaking to Cigar up there. It is cute when they sleep with the kitties too.
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