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new pictures of apollo

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finally got the camera and the computer talking to each other again. here's the latest photos of the old boy sunning himself on the deck.

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hes adorable! it looks so nice out ...
here's a couple more - I think?
it is nice out here today doberKim mid 70's, I think. I really should be planting my marigolds tho!

He is a noble looking laddie is our Apollo,what he really needs to finish off the pose is a pair of shades,that would be cool.
he really such a handsome rescue!!! such a great looking dobe!!! How is the wobblers doing? It looks like he is sturdy and strong :) thanks for posting the pics! Whatcha building? :)
Cute photos. You guy looks like " hey so glad I have a Deck now so I can Watch my property!" What a good looker!
He looks great CodysMom, its been a while since we have seen pics of him. Keep em coming. He looks nice and shiny, livin up the good life :D
Great pics, yes keep them coming, he is a fine looking DobeGuy! He looks so relaxed and taking it all in.
Great pics of Apollo in his natural environment...It was so nice of you to get him a jacuzzi too.....
Can you adopt me too???
I love seeing pictures of Apollo. He looks so happy and content in his new home. I still can't get over the fact that his previous owners wanted to have him pts.
He looks great!! You're right Kratty that was nice of them to get him a jacuzzi, a great doberman simply must be treated accordingly :)
Wow great photo's. :D Keep them coming please. :)
Awww he's a great looking guy!!!! Thanks for sharing pictures :)
Apollo looks quite content surveying his kingdom. He does have a gorgeous glossy coat. :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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