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New Pics of Lucan

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Here are some recent pics of Lucan.:anicam: He's 3 1/2 months now and growing so fast! He gets along great with the cats and even shares his food with them.
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That is soooo sweet, what a good boy. Looks like you're in a great spot, lucky dog having lots of room outside.
He's gettin bigger and bigger! Very cute puppy u got there.
I love that last pic! Too cute. And how he's shares his food with the cats too. What a good boy!
A cute boy indeed. Very nice of him to share his food with kitty.
He reminds me of Tia in that last pic. He's booootiful!!!
He's so sweet looking. In my case it would be how lucky for HIM for the cats to share with him. LOL. My cats have not taken to kindly to having a puppy in the house.
Cute pictures., I like the precious puppy look one. Its like he is saying,"You can not resist me, resistence is futile."
Thanks for all the compliments! We love our Doberboy (and amazingly, so do our 3 cats). Well, actually 2 of our cats love him. He has learned to stay away from the big, mean fluffy one! She's Siamese X Himalayan and has the attitude to prove it. We tell Lucan not to take it personally, she hates everyone.
Such cute pics, especially the one with the kitty.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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