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New owner - adopted female dobie in MA

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Hi my name's Matt my wife and I just adopted a female Doberman a few weeks ago we named Zora. She is just about 6 months old, she was bought from an unnamed breeder in upstate NY, and her former owners brought her to the MSPCA in Boston @ 12-13 weeks w/ a broken left front leg...why they had her so young w/ a broken leg is unknown to me, seems strange. Anyhow, her leg is all healed up, she had multiple surgeries the last of which was to remove pins/plates and she doesn't seem the least bit fazed, she was on strict watch by a vet tech who fostered her during this tough time, she has been well socialized w/ the vet's family/kids, and other pets (1 dog 3 cats). She imprinted on my almost instantly and has a very good temperament overall. I will probably have a bunch of questions BUT - my 2 main ones are below:

1) She's just about 6 months, seems good overall health lots of energy can run and jump and play great despite her former injury, however although she has decent height she is only 41 lbs. I feel like she is at least 5 lbs underweight for her age, is that accurate? I would attribute this initially to her being cooped up to keep her leg healing well and on a reduced diet as a result. Does this seem right?

2) Speaking of diet, I've been using Science Diet puppy for large breeds, recommended by the Vet, but I notice the first ingredient is not meat. I had read dobies need alot of protein, and that beef/pork is the preferred meat - are there any GOOD dry foods you can recommend for her that would satisfy her nutritional needs? I thought about cooking some skirt steak in a skillet w/ just some vegetable oil and adding that to her diet as well - what do you think?

Attached are some pics of her as well, for reference, I'm 5'8
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She has some beautiful long legs!

Our vet recomended science diet as well... But the ingredients did nothing to impress me.
We are using Blue Buffalo even the pickey Siamese cats eat out of the puppy bowl.

A member on here suggested looking into a brand they sell at tractor supply "4 health" with the "same" ingredients as BB but half the cost. I did some reshearch and she was correct. We haven't bought a new bag yet but I am going to try out the new one soon.

She is a cutie! Glad to hear her leg is recovered!
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