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Hey everybody. I'd like to introduce myself as Steve, a 21 year old sailor who grew up with dobes as a child. The reason I've registered for the site can turn into a lengthy one, so I'll sum it up as best I can.

As a kid, I grew up with a doberman (Count - how fitting) and dalmatian (Ellie, my mothers pup). A bit too young to understand the whole puppy process but old enough to realize I had new 'friends' in the house. Cutting to the chase I grew up with the dobe by my side, and for those eleven years he was around he taught me just as much as I taught him (I learned to quit trying to win races after a nice ankle twist or two). I never would've thought that even after time has come and gone, that he'd leave such a lasting impression on me or my family. I've seen a lot of breeds in person, some trained but mostly not, while traveling both the country and world as of late, but I cannot truly wrap my head around owning anything except a doberman. I'd say it's safe to say the same for the rest of my siblings, as well. Which leads to my second point...

I've searched the web for the greater part of seven months now, and have found out a lot about the breed that I was too young to care about in the 'old' days. I'd like to say I've learned a good bit (still far from pro) about health, socialization and proper care that I didn't know back then, but am still looking for guidance. To be honest I've got a few years before I even need to start looking at purchasing a pup, but that is the end goal. That's why I'm here! I've seen several links around the web that have brought me back to threads new and old on this site, and the more I look, the more I'd like to ask my questions through whatever medium (post, PM, email). I don't really plan on posting much as I'm more of a reader, but I can already see that the next few years as a member of this site should open up a new perspective on everything I've been trying to learn as of late.

And of course, if you have any questions for me, please, let me know. Fortunately, my job is centered around computers, and should be able to provide quick responses more times than not. See you all around!

Side note: If I can ever get my hands on a picture of Count, I'll surely post it for you all.
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