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New member here!

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Hi everyone! I'm a new member to dobermantalk!

I have a 1 1/2 - 2 year old Dobie named Zoie that I adopted about 4 months ago from an animal shelter.

She is an amazing dog but I'm definitely here for some advice!

I need advice on her skin, everytime we bath her using special shampoo from the vet she still breaks out.

Also- she has started biting (in a playful way, not to hurt) at other dogs necks and pulling their legs when we are at the dog park and I cant get her to stop. We have been teaching her the command "leave it" but that's the only time she does not listen at all.

Please help me!
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Hey there and welcome to the forum! :)

Re the biting, it sounds like dominance play to me. My advice would be to practise a really good re-call, so you can call her back around other dogs/distractions. Also, I would say its really important to stop it before it escalates and be really careful in case another dog in the park doesn’t appreciate rough play.

Personally, I would keep her on the lead until you are confident she comes back 99% of the time. My dog is excellent with other dogs, but I also carry an compressed air can/air-horn to shock the dogs in case a fight ever broke out. You could also use it as a deterrent, in case she feels the need to nom on the other dog! As long as you catch her just as she goes to nip :)

Re the skincare, I've never had a dog with skin issues, but I hear alot of people have better luck with a change of diet. It might be worth looking into!
Welcome from Houston :) thanks for adopting! If you need a great Doberman trainer recommendation please send me a PM! He can definitely help you be in better control of your dobe using positive methods. There is also a huge houston Doberman meetup group called Dobies in the park. You can find us on Facebook, just type that in the search bar :)
Hello and Welcome to Doberman Talk!

Bless you for choosing to adopt!

Hugz to Zoie!
What color is your dobe? Blue dobes and to some extent fawns, come with skin trouble practically built in. Storm's Regimen might be a good place to start with a blue dobe.

Diet, allergies, hormonal imbalances, bacterial and fungal infections and mite infestations can all have some influence on a dog's coat.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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