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How exciting!! We will all be anxiously awaiting her arrival.

Mr. B and Doc need another female in the house to keep them in line. Mrs. Doc must be tired out managing that and needs a little girl to balance things out!

I'm so happy for you guys.

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Thanks everybody for the well wishes ! Mel - You sure said a mouth full about 2020 and Coco - You -- Just about brought a tea to my eyes - Yes - the Misses and the rest of us need her too ! I really don't want you all to think we are wieners on her , But we just are still having a tough time with Ali girl not here , There are days I see Mr. Business just paying by the door looking at Ali's grave - We have had dogs forever and it amazes me how there feelings are close to ours . Those two were best of friends - even though put him in his place more than once but she made I a point to tell ? Show him who was the boss around here lol .

I just hope it works out this time - as you all know - Ours will be a companion and they come from a show line , so anything could happen . Also , Mr. Business full sister ( Shine ) was breed too , but did not take , that's to bad - as that was the bitch we were pretty sure we would get out of .

Things have changed so much since our first Doberman , And the knowledge of the Reputably Breeders out there today , makes life a lot better . I remember back a month or 2 ago , a new poser on here was telling us all how they would never fill out a puppy app , they would not do this or that to get a puppy , Yet with dealing with the breeders that are out there today - It is a pure joy to work with them - as they want nothing but the best for there puppies , and isn't that what we all want ? Its always fun when everybody is working from the same page and for same goals .

BTW - I think that Aunt Bonnie must have a little birdie talking to her :grin2::grin2:

Thanks again !


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Yes it would Aunt Bonnie :grin2:

Jager’s Talk Of The Town “Scandal”
CH DeMor’s Wild Wild West “Gotcha”

BTW- I love that name - Gotcha !
Thank you very much for the registered names Kenny. I like the call name "Gotcha" too--and I knew there was another pretty well known "Gotcha" but I had to go look it up. One of Mary Hawkins breeding--Ch Primary Caught Red Handed.

Pretty bitch, handsome dog--speaking of South American breeding--you've got a fair amount behind your girl tp be on both sides of her pedigree.

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