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New here

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I received an email and was asked if Id be interested in joining this group, so I said what the hey :dancing_b IMO you can never be in to many Doberman groups. lol

I am owned by 4 Dobermans. Two black/rust, one blue/rust and a white. I hesitated to say that dreaded word "white Doberman" but Im not going to hide the fact I own one.

I am in the process of training my male for obedience, but with the hot days and stormy evenings training sessions have been short and not everyday. I am looking into some training clubs in my area that I can join also.

Besides Dobermans I also am a fan of American pit bull terriers and I will be getting a female pup in a few days for conformation. Her first show will be in October.

Reading, writing, painting, listening to music, watching movies and Internet games fill my time when Im not with dogs. lol

Thanks for the invite and I hope to meet new people!

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Hello and welcome to this forum. I am also new here. I joined today. I am owned by one black/rust doberman. Her name is Gracie. I am also owned by 2 cats as well.
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