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New Here, Hi from NY.

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My name is LoriAnn, I found this forum doing a google search on Dobermans.
I do not have a doberman but have always loved the breed. Before we get a Doberman I want to educate myself about them. My husband Dave likes the breed alot too & we have a 2 year old daughter Samantha.
We currently have 2 shar pei. Mia who is 11 & Curtis is 6. We are also a foster home for Shar pei & Shar pei mixes threw peis & strays & NASPR.
Every Doberman I have met has always been such a nice dog, I was a vet tech for many years before becoming a stay at home mom :)
We would not be getting another dog for a while, so in the mean time we would like to educate ourselves about Dobermans & talk with people who love the breed too. We have no interest in breeding or showing, but fun things like agility & Hiking. We would love to adopt a dog also but so far we were told NOT to adopt a doberman until our daughter was at least 7, I do not know if we can wait that long?
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Hi from Colorado! This forum is a great place for learning about dobes; I'm glad you've signed on.

We accept pictures of non-doberman dogs too--love to see some of your puppers!
Welcome to DT from a native New Yorker..I live in the Northern Catskills ski country..Windham..about 1/2 hour north of Kingston.
Where in NY do you live?
Hi and welcome from PA. Kudos for doing your research and educating yourself about the breed before getting your Dobe. Best of luck in your search.
Welcome from TX! I hope you learn a lot here :]
Welcome from Misosuri - glad you could join us.

Many Doberman rescues have policies stating they will not adopt to families with young children. I work with Doberman Rescue MN and we don't adopt to families with children under the age of six. In rare cases we might make an exception, but it's very rare. The reason isn't that Dobermans are bad with children, of course. Families with very young children, though, might have a tough time managing a Doberman and we want our dogs placed for the rest of their lives.
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hi and welcome!

Im so glad that you're here, and here to do research on your chosen breed! A lot of people (me too) find Doberman Talk after the Doberman is already home. I'm also in NY, near Cooperstown.

And pictures of those Shar Peis would sure be nice ;)
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