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Hi Heather and welcome to the forum. :)

My son is now 24 and was raised with our first dobe, Dionne, they were joined at the hip until she passed. As he was my first child, I was quite inexperienced as a parent, so I probably put more trust into Dionne that I should. But, luckily for me she was fantastic. We had quite a lot of bush around our house in those days, and I would happily allow Karl as a wee youngster play in the sandpit alone as long as Dionne was with him. I was never too far away, but she would never have allowed anyone near him, or let him get into any strife.

I'd agree with Codysmom, probably would be easier to go for a female. You're probably busy enough with the kids, you don't want to be adding to your workload, two adult males grumbling over pack leadership!!

Good luck with your search, we look forward to hearing what decision you make - with follow up pics as well. :)
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