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new future owner

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whats up yall. well someone told me about this site so i thought id check it out. its pretty cool. i love dobermans and am suffering right now because i cant have one!!! i live in japan and am in the military, dogs are not allowed in on base housing but in 11 months i will be getting one! so if you know any good breeders in the toledo, ohio area let me know!!
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Hello and welcome to the forum!!:dancing_b :punk: Misawa!!!! I love Misawa!!! We lived in Misawa AFB from 1972-new years day 1974 and then again from 1984 to Dec 31 1987.. I love it there every minute to each and every day!! My Hubby worked up on the HILL!! Security! Hush Hush stuff!!
I hate snow but I love Misawa..Now I am confused.. we lived on base and we had a dog! has things changed??? Our next door neighbor had AKita's. Oh how I miss Misawa!! I could go on and on for hours!!! we had a favorite place to eat call Kishiro's. Best food on planet EARTH!!
Well enough about Japan!!
Well again to the forum
I am sure you will find it fun!!!
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