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new future owner

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whats up yall. well someone told me about this site so i thought id check it out. its pretty cool. i love dobermans and am suffering right now because i cant have one!!! i live in japan and am in the military, dogs are not allowed in on base housing but in 11 months i will be getting one! so if you know any good breeders in the toledo, ohio area let me know!!
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Hi and Welcome!! :)

I'm a first time Doberman owner and I couldn't have picked a better breed IMO. Bruno is also my first dog (other then growing up). But like Lexus said they take alot of time and dedication. I'm a stay at home mom so Bruno is ALWAYS with someone. Rarely, if at all left at home. He's always in the van no matter where we go :) He thinks he's a 54lb lap dog haha.

Good Luck with the search :)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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