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New From Texas!!

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Hi guys!! My name is Jackie and I am a Vet tech
I aquired my first doberman Lucius, ( I think he is a fawn, I originally thought he was a blue but he gets a browner tone every day) roughly 10 weeks ago at one of my clinics. I have wanted a dobie for the longest time and he was practically dropped in my lap, but I can tell it's gonna be a bumpy road.
Lou came to me as an emergency case, the owner of the dog decided to dock his tail at 6 weeks old with scissors and no anesthetics or suture. Needless to say Lou bled out for at least 1-2 days and was brought to our clinic by a neighbor of the person where he was almost half dead. The owner agreed to sign him over when we told him the extensive care he needed ( blood-tests, overnight hospitalization and a blood transfusion) I of course snatched him. This is where it all began, since then lou has had multiple issues but I love him and will treat him reguardless of his situaton. I think he is starting to show signs of hip dysplasia, but we will jump over those hurdles along the way. Anyway, I'm happy to be apart of your group :)
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Welcome from Virginia! Good luck on your journey!
Thank you!!! I know it wont be easy, in the past four months that i have had him, hes had 2 Urinary tract infections, he was bitten by a copper head, he was bitten by a friends dog causing a punctre in his ear and a giant seroma on his neck, hes had his tail repaired twice it's been crazy, ( not to mention he has some weird skin) but we will make it!
Welcome to DT! I can't imagine using scissors to cut a puppies tail off at 6 weeks old :(
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What are you feeding him? Fawns are prone to coat problems.
Welcome to DT (also from TX)! Thank you to you and your coworkers for helping Lucius. It may be a bumpy road but I'm sure it will all be worth it :]
When I worked at a clinic some azzhat tried to dock 6 week old Rotts with a steak knife. Yea, I hate ignorant people. I am so glad you have that poor guy. Thank you for heloing him.
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Welcome! Thanks so much for rescuing Lucius. Do you have some pictures to share with us?
Hi and welcome to the forum from PA. Thanks so much for saving this poor baby. Yes, pictures please!

I sure do!!

Right now I'm trying him on Science diet healthy advantage, It's a newer food from SD, helps with skin control, teeth, joints, intestinal and Urinary tract. Suppose to be a good food but we will see.

Thank you all for the warm welcome! :D

The first picture is lou the day they brought him in, i this was before he was released into my custody, I just couldn't put the bugger down
Second picture is the first week of recovery from his tail surgery, hes about 7 weeks old
Third picture is my handsome man now, 16 weeks and 35 lbs


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What are you feeding him? Fawns are prone to coat problems.
Not at that age they aren't. And CDA (color dilution alopeca) usually doesn't show up until the dog is 2 ish. And even CDA is only hair loss--doesn't mean that there will be skin problems as well. But Dobe puppies and in fact any breed with short hair and no undercoat have a tendency to have bouts of folliculitis with or without staph infections which certainly do affect the skin.

But that tendency is present in all colors--not just fawns.
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Hi and welcome to DT from Texas also!

Thank you for coming to the rescue of your Dobie!
Wow he is one lucky pup to have found you. God I just cant believe someone would do that it's amazing how many idiots are really out there in the world. My heart goes out to him & you & now that he has someone who is going to love him unconditionally he will make it through anything love is a great medicine :)
Welcome from Missouri and bless you from saving that baby from that barbaric person. May the birds of paradice fly up their nose and choke them. How horrible.

Sending special prayers for the boy!!!
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Hello and Welcome to Doberman Talk!!

Good luck with Lucius! Bless you for giving him a chance!

Hugz to you and yours!
Welcome from Houston :) good luck with your sweet dobie pup!!
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