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New from Northern VA

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Whew, it's hard as heck to find a good dobie forum! I've been searching for the past 3 days and couldn't find a single decent forum with a good format. Thankfully I've stumbled upon this one, and ya'll seem like good people.

Anyhoo, name's Leanne and I just recently moved to northern VA (DC metro) from Michigan. My boyfriend and I have a rescued Siberian Husky that's between 9 and 11 years old now. I've loved Dobies all my life and have been around several. I've not found one yet that I've not adored. I hope to add a Dobie to our household in the next couple of years, so I've come here to read and learn and maybe even participate a little bit. When we do add a Dobe to the family, it will either be from a rescue or a responsible breeder.

A little about me:

I grew up in a show dog household, my mom showed Bichons and bred a few litters in the 70's and 80's. She's not had a dog since she had to put her last Champion down due to age in the early 90's. I'm not a little dog person, never have been, although I loved that last little dog dearly and he's the only one I remember with any great detail. Having been raised in a show dog environment, my mom raised me well in regards to what makes a good breeder. Not everybody's that lucky, and it's something I'm very grateful for.

I've spent the majority of my life up until the past few years on a 20 acre horse farm where we bred and showed Arabian horses. The horses were my life, and it's something I miss dearly. I've been assured that after we get settled in that I can get back into horses again, but I can already tell that finding a place to keep a horse in the DC Metro area is challenging, so for now it's just me and my dog.

Speaking of the furball, his name is Poseidon. He ended up in rescue when he was removed from his previous home. His former "owner" decided that he wanted a mean dog, and so he decided to beat him regularly. Since a "mean" Sibe is almost unheard of, it didn't make a dent in Poseidon's temperament. He's a typical Sibe, loves everybody and everything. My boyfriend has had him nearly 7 years, but for the past year he's been basically my dog since I'm home with him all day and do the feeding, walking, and grooming. He follows me from room to room, and sits at the door and whines if I'm gone. The boyfriend is a little hurt by this since Poseidon doesn't do any of that for him. If he gives him a command Poseidon looks at me first before doing anything. He also watches me the whole time his daddy's loving on him. I've given him refresher courses on his basic obedience, taught him hand signals, and taught him some social etiquette. He's spent the past 7 years in a very rural area where he didn't see many people or dogs, so the first few months here in Va he was a little overexuberant. There's nothing more embarassing than taking your dog to PetSmart and having him howl at the top of his voice because there's a dog on the other side of the store and he must play with him! Sibes aren't exactly the easiest dogs to train; the combination of intelligence and independence can be difficult to work with, but he's done very well and I'm very proud of him.

Anyhoo, I've written a book and I do apologize about that. I'm very glad to be here!

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Welcome to the forum from another Northern Virginian. I live in Alexandria with my fawn girl Princess.

LPacker79 said:
Whew, it's hard as heck to find a good dobie forum! I've been searching for the past 3 days and couldn't find a single decent forum with a good format.

Well Leanne guess what? you have found one now :)
Welcome to DT from me and my girls here in the U.K.
My youngest one Mischa, her breeder was a horse person and she compares the Dobe to an Arabian,and i love Siberians although i don't think i would ever have one,too much hair!!
You aren't kidding about the hair, it's insane!

From a quick grooming session a few weeks ago:
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Ouch that would drive my wife insane!!Dobie hair is so much easier to manage.

My favorite Uncle lives in Fairfax.

No horses here, just a Donkey who's main job is alarm clock for the neighborhood.
jsargente said:
welcome. Where in Michigan did you live?
Mostly in Hemlock (about 30 minutes from Saginaw), then I did a short stint in Saginaw township, then to Clio (near Flint).
welcome, and you are have found a friendly group here, I am pretty new myself and have spent some time reading past posts to gain some insight.
I know how your BF feels about the dog looking to you.........Orson (my dobe) is technically my dog, but when Kevin is home he wants to follow/play with him all the time! He wants me at feeding time, potty time, walk time, and bed time! (all the work stuff!)
Hello and welcome, hope you enjoy the forum.
Welcome you will like it here. Lots of info. I love your sibe. We have a 10 yr old lab and a dobie now 9 months. I have had a dobe (one only at a time) for aprx. 25 years. A lot of people here have a lot more at one time--my hats off to them.:dancing_b
Having said that my sister has had dobies and my daughter does now. that is how I satisfy my quench for the having more than one ,they visit they go home .:)
From one novel writer to another, welcome to DT :)

When I was a kid, we had a Sibe - I actually took her to 2 shows before I learned that a poorly bred Sibe from a pet shop has no place in the show ring. She was a beautiful girl though who met a very untimely death with a car. No matter how high and secure the fence, if she wanted out, she'd get out.
Welcome you should enjoy it here as there are lots of great people here as well as wonderful advice when needed. I'm also owned by two doberkids-Gaston & Roxy.
Hello and welcome to the forum. This is a great place to learn about Dobermans.
TracyJo said:
She was a beautiful girl though who met a very untimely death with a car. No matter how high and secure the fence, if she wanted out, she'd get out.
Unfortunately Sibes are notorious for that, and many can get over a wooden privacy fence as well. I belong to a Sibe email list, and we were just discussing the best way to keep them contained to their yard. People have buried cement barriers under the fence, but what seems to work best for a dog with serious escape tendencies is a line of hot wire about 4-6" off the ground, and another at the top of the fence. The dogs test it once or twice then give up, though some will occasionally check it every so often just to make sure it's still hot. The humans don't like hearing the yelps when they touch it, but it's better than finding the dog dead on the road.

Poseidon's only escaped from our yard in MI once, and that's because the meter reader from the electric company left the gate open. The first thing Poseidon does when he goes outside (he had a dog door) is to patrol the fence line, so it didn't take him long to see the gate was open. Unfortunately he got hold of a cat that time and punctured it's lung. My boyfriend paid the vet bill, but we never did find the owner. The vet found the kitty a home.
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