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New from Chicago

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Hi everyone,
Have interest in Drama Von Spellen we are thinking of breeding her in another year she is seven months now. Her father died suddenly in july Ringo Von Burwald and it doesnt say why just died suddenly after a competion. Any ideas? Can anyone give me there ideas on the breeders and lines. thanks
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Welcome to DT from Texas. I really hope you stick around and learn a lot. You will find that a lot of the members here are super passionate about the doberman breed and only support responsible, ethical breeding.

If you're hoping to breed your dobe there are many questions the members here will want you to answer...
Why do you want to breed her?
In what way will breeding her benefit the doberman breed?
What health testing has been done on her and whatever stud will be used?
What titles has she earned?
What sorts of illnesses and medical issues have affected the pedigree and, if there are enough issues (or just a few of some particular ones), should the line even be continued?

There's more but I just woke up and can't remember them. I'm sure other members will chime in.
This is the sire?
Ringo vom Burgwald -

It doesn't have any health testing listed for him - maybe you could contact Von Spellen and see if they know when his most recent holter was done? Or if they don't know, maybe they could ask de-la-casa-alina on your behalf? (Or of course you could try contacting de-la-casa-alina yourself.)

It looks like Von Spellen just holtered Drama's dam Gilla in July, if I'm interpreting this correctly.
Gilla von der Burgstätte -

Wish I could read German! Do you speak/read German? Now may be a great time to enlist the help of someone who does! :p

How is Drama doing towards her own titles? You may need to wait a little over a year anyway until she's fully two to get accurate results for some of the health testing iirc? (I'm not a breeder, sorry, so not completely up on them.)

If it turns out Ringo did die of DCM, or another imminently inheritable condition, what then? :(

Here's hoping for the best for you and Drama!
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Thanks for all the help with Drama everyone we just have to keep our powder dry and wait until all tests come in. I know florin of bodyguard k9 is not popular I can understand why. I did buy a wonderful male pup from him out of go-gu royal bell and ibiza gabi vigo his name is valamir bodyguard this was the male we were going to mate drama with. Does anyone have any puppies from this litter? He is a wonderful dog with great ball drive and so far in perfect health. thanks again to everyone. Also if anyone ever needs giant schnauzers info fire away i am a friend of korblood kennels who breeds some of the nicest giant schnauzers in the country GIANT SCHNAUZER POLICE - YouTube He is a great guy and will help with any questions about the breed.
Welcome from Missouri - I would be concerned about breeding too early especailly if you do not know what her father died of it could be a glaring concern.

Most prefer to wait til at least two from breeding a female after she is fully mature, health tested etc.
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