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New camera = new Gracie pictures

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Well I got a new camera, so now I took some new pictures of Gracie. I also have a few pictures of the cats that I will post. :)

More in next few posts...
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More coming.
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More in next post....
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That's all. :) I will be posting pictures of my cats in another thread. So look for them. :)
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LOL you kinda like me.. take as many pics as you can of the moment!
It's one of the only times I can keep her still long enough to take a few! She is always on the go so it gets kinda hard after a while to take pictures of her.
yeah i know what you mean.. jacks still little but the only time you can get him to sit still is after his bath (if hes not begging to go outside), or when hes sleeping. that why i have tons of pics when hes sleeping
I believe in the "Let a sleeping dog lie" routine. I hate to wake up Gracie. If you wake her up to soon she gets grumpy and wont go back to sleep for a while. :(
Great picks GM. Looks like Gracie was eyeing up that shoe for dinner. :)

Great pics G.M. i think i may have said this already but she is such a beauty i think it must be her ear it gives her such expression.Unlike my gang in my sig pic i point a camera at them and they pin back their ears like they are being scolded.
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Lol Brumwolf. Thank you everyone! The model would also like to say thank you as well. She hates having her pictures taken but she loves it because she can be such a camera ham. :)
I LOVE the last one GM!! Gracie is such a beauty!! She has filled out so much! What kind of camera did you get?
I got a Fuji FinePix. My Mom's S.O. won it from work and since I needed a new one they gave it to me. I love it, it takes great photo's and it is easy to use. :D
great pics the one looks like she knew she done somehtin wrong and shes poutin lol
great pix GM. Her cockeyed ear is adorable. Cody had one that was'nt quite straight (tho he could straighten it if he tried) and it was one of my many favority things about him. she is definitely a sweetie.

Thank you everyone! Gracie can also straighten her ear once in a while. If you rub it just right it will stand for about 10 seconds. The other ear is start to get a little droopy as well. Some times it flops over when she is sleeping. It is so cute. Again thank you everyone for the kind word about my little girl. :D
You might as well just stop calling her "your" little girl. She's on top of my list of pooches to dobernap and I won't rest until I get her :)
You could have fooled my that she doesn't like her picture taken.....She is very pretty.....Great shots GM....
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