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Nervous entering stores?

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Anyone ever have a pup who was nervous about going into stores? He balks at the door but will come in if I bend down and tap on the floor. I'm going to do a lot of work with entrances, lots of high value treats. He's always nervous at first, but seems to recover pretty quickly. I'm thinking he may be entering the beginning of a fear period. Should I still take him out a lot or scale it down and just go to evaluate his responses?
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I'd slow have only had him a couple of days! Petey was nervous about everything the first week or two....and now....nothing scares him!!!

We usually only go in or out for a minute to grab something or other. I wasn't even planning on going today, but we needed puppy food. He's always very very calm, but the last time or two the entrance made him nervous. We'll just hang out at home for the next day or two. I hope I haven't stressed the poor little guy out! I guess I was figuring that it would be easier for him to get used to it while he was little, but if he is entering a fear period, that is a silly idea on my part.
You sound like me....I worried about everything! I had just lost two dogs in only 3 months when I got Petey....and I was off the deep end worrying about something being wrong with him, physically and mentally! I'm much better now, thankfully because my family was ready to commit me! I took Petey everywhere, and he would freeze up and act nervous...but he was only 10 weeks when I got him. I slowed down a bit, gave him time to bond and trust me, and now he is great....always ready for the next adventure!

Right now he has been having a BLAST....we just got him trained with the electric fence....he is loving having an acre of freedom! I am tooooooo! He can come and go out of the house, and I can be in the yard not carrying the leash around. I still watch every move he makes, but I'm not sooo freaked out about the potential to be hit by a car.

Enjoy the moments.....your sweetie will be dog size in a few weeks, no little puppy! Petey is almost 8 months, it just went too quickly...wish I'd enjoyed it more instead of worrying.....

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Maybe you could try staying longer than a minute or two. He could be a little fearful if he feels that you are rushing. Dogs really pick up on our emotions more than we think. I would also not make a big deal about going into the store. You didnt mention your approach when you get out of the car or when you get close to the store. I would get out of the car and enter the store just like you would if it was only you. Don't annouce it or anything like that just do it. It is not uncommon for dogs to feel uncomfortable with something that they are not familiar with so the more we can expose them to things the better they will be. Also next time you go if he is still a little anxious try getting him a new toy, he might appreciate going into the store after that. I hope this helps and I am sure that a few more people will have some more suggestions. Congratulations on your new pup and all the wonderful new experiences that come with having a dobie.
When I first got ******* (8 weeks) I kept her in and around home alot. When she became a little older we went to all sorts of places. The key is like you are saying they can become a little overwelmed. Which translates into fear, I would just try to make it really fun and carry lot's of treats to prase when things are going well. If it became to much I would pick ******* up and take her out to a more netural location. Alway's keep in mind things seem giant like for a little puppy!!
It will pass. Sherman was the same way. The first few times we went to the dog park he sat between my feet and would hardly stray. Now he mixes it up with all the dogs. In a short time yours will be pushing his independance too. :)
Doodle used to be skittish of the automatic doors to the pet stores. He didn't like the noises they made and if they didn't move smoothly, he didn't want to go through.

I usually had someone go with me and set off the doors early so they would be open and he could work closer to the doors opening. We never made a fuss about it. We just walked in. He would pull back, I would walk stop and walk forward. Stll not a big deal made. Gradually we worked to him getting to the doors on his own and then opening and walking through. We always stay forever. He saw that when he walked through those gates he had all those treats waiting on the other side and all those dogs. It was doggy heaven to him. Never hurt that we always left with a new toy to play with in his mouth.
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