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Hi guys! Just got my baby girls ears cropped yesterday.

Reaching out to see if there are any tips available for after care. Also, curious to know if her ears are bandaged correctly and if it’s okay that her ears are a bit forward (assuming it’s because of the cone).

Should I clean her wounds daily with antiseptic spray and Neosporin?

The Vet suggested I go back in three days to get her bandages swapped out but I’m seeing in other places it’s usually 7-10 days so a bit confused on that.

Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated I want this experience to be as easy on her as I can possibly make it. Thank you!

Big Lil pup
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Hi Dv. Welcome from the Pacific NW. What a cutie! What's her name?

Here are common answers to your questions:

- There should be NO bandages over the sutured side of the ear. Covering the wound will inhibit healing and allow infection to set in. You can tape them gently over the head avoiding the cut edge or simply let them hang. Do not over clean or pick scabs. The scab will go away on their own. They fall off or get re-absorbed.

- You should avoid using a topical antibiotic ointment on the healing ears. If your vet gave you oral antibiotics, that's great.

- Posting should not be started until the sutures have been removed and the ears are COMPLETELY healed. Usually around 3 weeks or so.

Please read this discussion found via the following link:

Ear Cropping and Aftercare: Do's and Don'ts

Some of it is not on point or redundant, as your pup's ears have already been cropped. Pick out and read the parts that are appropriate.

When it is time to post, you should really learn to do it yourself, following this visual tutorial by member greenkouki. It is terrific:

How to: Posting Show Cropped Ears Using Backer Rod

Also, you should probably lose the collar. It can actually cause more problems than it solves. Your pup will learn pretty quickly to leave the ears alone. In the meantime, trim her nails short. that will help.

A final note... It is not uncommon for vets to not use the best and most successful posting methods, and the advice about not covering the stitches is essential. They need to be exposed.

Best to you and your girl

John Lichtwardt
Portland OR
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