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Need GOOD home for Dobe in WA state

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Hi all, hoping to find a good home for my son's Dobe. She's 4+ yr old black/tan. Ears cropped,tail docked,spayed,shot dates are running out this month.

Currently located on Whidbey Island.

Gretta is a beautiful dog, she's not leash trained. Very active & smart. Sweet personality. Loves other dogs for play & has been pals with a kitten in the past.

Not aggressive, watch dog YES.

Her current environment is just not good for her,she needs more company & room to run. Gretta would do best with a fenced yard,other dogs for companionship & perhaps agility training or work of some kind.

She's been with my son over 2 years, he hates to give her up but has come to realize it's not fair for Gretta to not be able to live up to her potential. She loves water,but doesn't care for being cold.

Really hope someone in this area can help us out! If there's any interest I'll get my son to join & he can post pictures. She's really a very special Dobe!!

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Her address wouldn't come up

Yes, I recall her name. However didn't write down her phone #. Her email wouldn't go through. Neither would the guy in Seattle. Maybe it just wasn't my day???

Heck, now I can't even recall how I got her name! Any help appreciated!
Great news!!

My son is in Oak Harbor all the time, I'll go ahead & provide his email & he can send the pic OK. I'll give him a call right now & tell him what to expect.

Gretta has gotten along just fine with our little mutt, she wants to play & our little gal is too old & disinterested. However, she played very well with our huge new dog (Wolfhound mix). I've never known Gretta to display bad behavior towards other dogs or cats.

A fenced yard is a MUST. And she has not been trained,she's very smart-just needs the proper training.

Thanks so much for your help!

P.S. Might have been my computer, neither of their links worked for me! Same thing is happening today on several sites:eek2:

Here's his address: [email protected]

P.S. Gretta seems to love kids-no matter the age! She's sweet & knows to be "gentle".
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Gretta update

microbe,I'm a middle person also, have alot more time to devote to the search for a new owner than my son does!

joce-yes, we came here from Chazhound -thank you so much!

Sam Hayne, well this is day 3 of looking for a new home for Gretta! No rush-most important is to find the perfect situation for a very special Dobe!

I don't have a way to post pics of her, I have LOTS of pics I can send through snail mail to anyone truly interested however.

I actually live in Skagit County & am willing to check out possible homes in my area. Pavin & Gretta live in Coupeville.

New owner MUST have time for training,companionship & provide safe,secure environment. Other dogs in household would be great! Gretta is a very friendly gal, super smart & needs constant challenge-agility or work of some kind.

Her circumstances changed due to my son's job. Now she's stuck with a small house,no neighbor dogs to yap with, and a very small fenced yard. She's lonely & bored-not a good situation for any Dobe!!

Gretta is everything you could possibly want in a Dobe!

Please help get the word out & help find her a wonderful home!

Thanks so much-sad grandma to be losing her from my life......:sadcry:
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