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Need GOOD home for Dobe in WA state

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Hi all, hoping to find a good home for my son's Dobe. She's 4+ yr old black/tan. Ears cropped,tail docked,spayed,shot dates are running out this month.

Currently located on Whidbey Island.

Gretta is a beautiful dog, she's not leash trained. Very active & smart. Sweet personality. Loves other dogs for play & has been pals with a kitten in the past.

Not aggressive, watch dog YES.

Her current environment is just not good for her,she needs more company & room to run. Gretta would do best with a fenced yard,other dogs for companionship & perhaps agility training or work of some kind.

She's been with my son over 2 years, he hates to give her up but has come to realize it's not fair for Gretta to not be able to live up to her potential. She loves water,but doesn't care for being cold.

Really hope someone in this area can help us out! If there's any interest I'll get my son to join & he can post pictures. She's really a very special Dobe!!

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wait didnt you contact that one lady from rescue that people have mentioned? why goodbye?
Oh thats so exciting! when you visit her we need to see some pictures of how happy she is and especially how happy she is to see you!!!!! :) thats real nice you get to still visit :)
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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