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I have been working w/ Java using the same technique and it is s-l-o-w-l-y working. When she is extremely distracted by a deer - they like to stand 5 feet away from the dining room window and watch her make a lot of noise. I have (on occasion and am not proud of it) had to give her a little blast of the plant mister to break her focus on the deer. Once she snaps out of it I tell her 'hush', she sits and she gets a treat and an over-the-top 'Good dog'. Hard to remember some days that they are NOT furry children. Getting Java's undivided attention when instinct kicks in and she wants to defend 'her' territory takes a lot of work, but I need to have control of her if only to have her listen to me to keep her safe.

This inconsiderate woman's actions may end badly for her dog. We had a neighbor's dashund who wandered into everyone's backyard leaving puddles of loose droppings. One neighbor had a yard and garden that Martha Stewart would envy - even their sons weren't allowed to play in the front yard (yes I realize they were extreme). Long story short, the dashund was poisoned and I would bet my last dollar that the finicky neighbor had had enough one day and had something to do with it. You just never know about people...
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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