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Now that is a big distraction to break...Getting them to not pay attention to the neighbor and focus on you will be hard. If they are treat motivated, you might consider this. When this happens, have a "goody time" session. Get a lot of treats. Call them away from the window and have them sit nicely for a treat. When they are sitting nicely, reward them. Even if one one comes, thats a start. I would think if the others see one getting a treat , they would want one too. I think the key is change the focus from whats outside the window to you. Once they are focusing on you, they will not care whats out the window. Approach it like a training session. You might have to use a lot of treats at first to break the distraction, but you can then cut back once they are focusing on you. Eventually they will learn they get rewarded for being quiet and paying attention to you. Its just a thought...
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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