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The problem is when I bring a friend over to my house, or we meet people when she is on a leash. She will snarl and bark at them, and in general. look pretty ferocious. I have to hold her to control her.
I think "holding her to control her" is making things worse. You are encouraging her protective, territorial response by holding her back. It's kind of like a police dog wearing a harness while pulling to track a suspect.

I'd suggest calling a friend over that isn't afraid. Ask him to come in and ignore her (no eye contact). If your dog keeps barking and growling get in front of her and block her response using your body.

In terms of her other fears, I would suggest exposing her every day to various things in her environment. It'll take a lot of time and dedication for her to improve in that regard.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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