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Pretty much what Dobes4ever said.

I'll just add, if she's food-oriented, find out what she's absolutely crazy about. Teach her down/stay, then have a friend come over. The friend sits down. Put the dog's dish near the friend. Bring the dog on leash into the room and put her in a down stay. Sit down and begin the visit. Have the friend calmly get up, put a piece of treat in the dish (making sure the dog sees the friend do this), then return to his seat. Heel the dog to the dish and allow her to have the treat. Return to your seat and down/stay the dog. Repeat a few more times during the visit. Down/stay the dog when the visit is over and then the friend calmly gets up and takes his leave.

Repeat with other friends. Do not give this treat to the dog yourself. Reserve it for only when friends come to visit. The point of this exercise is to show the dog that visitors can be sources of wonderful things and thus, may not be such bad things. The visitors pay no attention to the dog at first. You can build up their interacting with the dog bit by bit.

Thank you for saving this DoberGirl. I wish you a happy and healthy resolution to this situation.:wavey:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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