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Need a new collar.

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Jordan is starting to get the thin hair around the throat area from his Lupine collar. I've started to just leave it off but it makes it kind of hard to catch him quickly or restrain him if needed. Does anybody have any everyday collar ideas?
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Duchess has a hemp planet dog collar...not sure if it wouldnt thin the hair...duchess doesnt wear hers all the time

hers is a buckle collar though we got at the natural pet market...then we found these at petsmart on clearance for $3.00 we got a couple orange ones...but on their site they are only $2.00.....not sure why they are so cheap....just thought I'd post :)

for some reason they don't have their buckle collars on the site.
My Doberman can only wear leather or hemp collars. He currently has a hemp one from They're pretty high in price, but are very nice quality and hold up really well. He's had his for about a year and a half, and with everyday use, it still looks really good. After it's washed it looks new.
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