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Neck Size.

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I am looking to get Kaiser a new collar and the place wants to know the neck size. I want to get it so it will fit him when he is full grown. What are some neck sizes of the adult male dobermans around here?
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Orson is about the same age as Kaiser (4-20-06) I'm no help :) Right now his neck measures 17 inches around, the collar my husband bought him goes to 22...............I am hoping that will do it.
A lot depends on the collar, they're all sized differently. Some measure from one end of the collar to the other. Others are measured from the buckle on one end to where the holes for the buckle start on the other end.

A lot also depends on the overall size of the dog and the thickness of their neck.

Generally, unless I'm buying a choker or an adjustable collar, I *don't* buy collars unless the dog is there to try it on.
interesting... where are you buying the collar from?
My friend bought a spiked collar from tough collars for his dog. I wanted on for Kaiser, not for all the time use but for show. ha ha.
simple solution: get a string, wrap it around his neck and cut it to make a complete circle. then stretch the string out along side a measuring tape or yard stick. add on a few inches. collars are adjustable
I don't need to know what size his neck is. I was wanting to know some neck sizes of mature fully grown males so I can get a collar he will grow in to.
I think that it really depends on the dog and brand of collar. I think that it was mentioned earlier that the collars could measure differently. I have seen that in all of the collars that I get. They each fit differently. I like to try the collar on personally before I spend the money on it so I know how it fits.

It also depends on the dog. Some have sleek necks and some have larger necks, so it would be hard to say that this is the general size. I think every dog is different.

If you want a size, Asher is somewhere around an 18-20 inch collar. One of his collars is a 20 inch and is on the smallest hole. I think it is a small 20 inch. The 18 inch would have sat higher on his neck than what I prefer. I like them loose, but unable to slip off. Another reason why I like to try them on before I buy. Then some are 18 inch and fit perfectly. Hope that helps some.
Thanks for the replies.
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