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Its such a discriminatory law its just so sad on so many levels. I once had a shih tzu that literally sent a man to the hospital for emergency surgery. Not a pit bull , a freaking shih tzu. The dog was vicious with a capital V. If they are banning the listed breeds in the article who's to say that they dont' keep modifying it to include other breeds? Might as well just shut the shelters now because quite a few dogs in shelters today are mixed with the banned breeds. Are they going to kill them all too? At what percentage of a mix are the dogs going to be condemned? This is without a doubt one of the most ridiculous laws I ever read. Why isn't this being touted in the media? Its an outrage that needs to be exposed in the national media.
ps. when is the last time you heard about a Great Dane attacking someone? Please. They are like gentle giants.

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The media are unlikely to shout with outrage because they are the ones who perpetuate the myth that big dogs are dangerous, why, because it sells newspapers.

Perhaps a vociferous campaign to stop this is in order.

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I know someone who actually contacted Dr. John A. Lauby CVCP, Director
Cumberland County Animal Control. This was his response to her when she asked specifically if Doberman's were on list of Breeds Being Banned from Adoption:

"The Animal Control Board met on Oct. 3 and discussed a proposal to limit breeds put up for adoption. The Animal Control Board decided to recommend limiting the adoption of the following breeds:

· Rottweilers

· American Staffordshire Terriers

· Pit bulls

· Chows

· Presa Canarios

· Any mix of the breeds above

The policy has not been implemented at this time and has not been brought before the Board of Commissioners for approval.

We do have a breed specific problem here in Fayetteville, NC. We receive 200+ calls a day from citizens who are being chased, bitten, pets attacked, or generally terrorized by dogs. Over 80% of these calls are concerning Pit Bulls. I have 6-8 officers on the road each day to try to protect the public. I am open to suggestions but breed rescues here are not taking any more to rescue or foster until homes can be found. Adopting more into our community seems to be adding to the problem. To date we have taken in more than 1200 Pit Bulls and adopted 124 into our community. Please let me know what I can do to protect our citizens while humanely treating our 4 legged friends.

I have been Director for just over a year now and our adoptions have increased from 700 a year to over 2000 a year. I am looking for any solutions and willing to listen to anyone's ideas while protecting our citizens.


Dr. John A. Lauby CVCP, Director
Cumberland County Animal Control
4704 Corporation Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28306

All correspondence to and from this address may be subject to the N.C. Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.


I don't think Dobes were ever mentioned but I agree breed bans are bad because there are so many exceptions and wonderful dogs from the different breeds. Probably some mis-information from one of my staff but I still have the problem every day of how to protect our citizens from roaming dogs of various breeds. The lack of responsible ownership is our biggest problem and the dogs suffer the consequences which is horrible. I still am responsible to protect our public and unfortunately that means catching the loose dogs and putting them in the system. Thanx for caring.

Dr. John A Lauby, Director CCAC"

Hope it helps clear things up. And hope people are trying to assist rather than beat him up.
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