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Have you an hour to spare ,then i'll begin with my alpha girl when we first had her we named her Sheena after the tv show but then we decided it sounded far too german shepard so we thought as she was a red (although we call them browns or liver & tan in England)and our traffic light system goes red,amber,green we decided to call her Amber the red,so it's Amber.
Now the middle one Chelsie, this is complicated and soccer connected,i follow a local team called Wolverhampton Wanderers(the Wolves)and one of our local rivals was playing a team from London called Chelsea(we decided to spell it slightly different)anyhow on the day we purchased her, Chelsea beat our local rivals 4 to 0 so i decided on the name so i could stand her in the local field shouting her name just rub it in with some of our neighbours.
Finally Tia,easy this, we liked the name,so there it is,well you did ask!!!
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