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LOL HI! I finally said hello in the new people thread, I was really putting it off.

My name is Kristy, or mythikl, whatever works for you. Probably mythikl since that's my forum name lol...

I don't know who all wants to read something like this about me.
I love dobermans. I love animals! I love reading about dobermans, watching dobie videos, I love reading the forum here its quite informative, and helpful.
I don't know what took me so long to join instead of just reading honestly. A lot of great company on here, if it wasn't for this forum who knows what people would be doing for dobermans.
Not to take away from Gentledobes forum ( I found that one on another google doberman forum search but don't really end up there since this one had more incentive for me I guess)...

I'm so happy to be here, and to be making doberman friends. I'm really new to "the dog world" and any good doberman people that want to be friends with me is quite fine by me. I'm looking forward to learning, learning, socializing, reading and learning!

I just applied to join DT on facebook too last night...
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