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My short film "The Doberman"

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This is a short film I put together this afternoon. I came across some magnificent footage of a beautiful male Doberman so I decided to put something together. I didn't put too much time into it but I think it is pretty good. I know the shots are long but I just cant get over how beautiful the Doberman is.

The film is about well a Doberman who is taunted by a little boy. He later chases down the trouble maker for his chips once he sees his owner come home he quickly stops pursuit to join her. During the video you can see how the people playing basketball stop to get out of his way, the little girl drops the ball and the slow motion shot where the lady is just watching him. I was trying to convey the power and beauty of the breed.

Please share your opinions. Please remember I didn't put forth my best effort because of limited time but I thought I had to share this.

Cinematography - thoughtequity
Music- Carly Camando
Editing - Me

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Hmm it said " the video you requested is not available"???
hehehe I like how he stops and looks like he was at home in the yard the whole time. lol.
I thought it was magnificent and a pure joy to watch, especially the slo-mo. You did a fantastic job. Make more and share with us. THanks!
Thanks for all the positive responses. I really made this with the people on this forum in mind. Thanks again.
Nice video ive seen it before on yahoo though.
LOL, I watched all the clips last night on google vid!! I thought they were fantastic, but seeing them actually put together like this into a cohesive short film... alienex, I'm speachless, I absolutely loooved it!! Just amazing! You did such a great job capturing the dobe's fun side, the attentive side, so many characteristics show through on this movie, not to mention the sheer beauty of the dog.

Two thumbless paws up!!!
Yeah I saw them on Google video yesterday and I had to make it comprehensive. Thoughtequity has some great footage.
LOL, did you see it after watching Lexus's off topic post vid? :p

Sorry, I just realized you just edited the vids together, I thought you shot them too. Good job of making a story out of them!!
I actually havent seen Lexus' videos yet. Ill watch them now.
Aw thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed watching it. Great Job!
I love the slow motion running, but honestly, I think it promotes irresponsible ownership and a false sense that your dog will always return if left in an unfenced yard.
I understand your point. I really just made it to show the beauty of the breed via the running scenes.
Very Good!

I managed to see all but the last 30 seconds or so, you-tube doesn't seem to work very well on my computer, I can't figure out why.

My yard is fenced, but Katie gets out sometimes (like yesterday) by digging a hole under the fence. Hanna, 12-year-old Yellow Labrador, always feels as if she has to go with her. I don't know where they go, but Hanna was soaking wet when they came home yesterday, which leads me to think they were in my neighbor's fish pond. As I was walking the perimeter of the fence, looking for how they got out, there they were, standing outside the front gate, asking to be let back in.

This film definitely showcases the beauty and brains of the Doberman.
That was a great vid. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
that was beautifull to watch and i fell in love with the music
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