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Man Gunner is a good looking Boy!

Dont ya just hate irresponsible pet owners letting their dogs out off-leash? I think in that situation I may have done the same thing.

I will be 100% honest, if an agressive dog come looking to pick a fight with my dog the first thing I would do is protect my dog. I would kick that dog under the chops as hard as I could, if he didnt back down then my last choice would be to let the dogs fight. But even if your dog wins a dog fight it will most likely leave a deep lasting impression on your dog and create dog on dog agression problems in the future. :( So if at all possible do everything you can not to allow your dog to fight....I know that sometimes it may be unavoidable. :(

Last tip - if you ever have to break up a dog fight be very careful, in the heat of the moment even your own dog can bite "YOU" bad. Best way to break up a dog fight is with 2 people each person grabbing the back legs of the dog and seperating them as you turn the dog in circles. By grabbing the rear legs you are less likely to get bit, by turning them in circles while backing away they will have to keep moving and will not have time to reach back and snap at you. If you only have 1 person the chances of breaking up a serious dog fight is very slimm and most likely you will be bitten. :(

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