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Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I posted last....I have an issue I wanted to ask you all about. I have a GSD that is 8 years old...she has really aged in the past year. She is having a problem with her back legs, one more than the other. Basically what is happening is that I don't think she can feel it...she will put wait on her paw turned upside down and when she walks or runs she loses total control of it and walks sideways..I thought it was her hip at first and took her to the vet and had an xray done...hips look good....they gave her some meds for inflamation and that didn't happen. I then took her back again and they gave her some other meds for inflamation which didn't seem to help either. She doesn't appear to be in any pain but I know that dogs don't always show pain in the same way as people do....It is hard for me to accept that she is probably lame for good....the Vet thinks it is a spinal injury or pinched nerve that is causing the problem....she has been having accidents on occasion in the house as well.....Just wanted any feedback from anyone who has maybe experienced this themselves and what they did.
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There is an issue that GSD's get that is some kind of nerve issue - I don't remember the name of it...........sounds like something that you could look into or rule out. Uggghhhh I just can't remember what it is called.
velmadobe said:
There is an issue that GSD's get that is some kind of nerve issue - I don't remember the name of it...........sounds like something that you could look into or rule out. Uggghhhh I just can't remember what it is called.
I think it's called Degenerative Myelopathy. I hope that isn't the problem, as my understanding is DM is a progressive disease that's *very* serious.
Yes Mariposa, definitely those are symptoms of a spinal nerve problem. Could be DM as mentioned above; or spondylosis (spinal arthritis); or ankylosis (fusing of spinal vertebrae), all common in older GSDs. But definitely some nerve involvement affecting the bowel/bladder and hind limbs. They often try Prednisone in those cases. You mentioned HD ruled out...any spinal x-rays done?
Oh I am so sorry to hear about your dog. Is there anything I can do let me know!!! How is Sabot? Email me! Lost your email!
Has the dog been to a vet?
doberkim said:
Has the dog been to a vet?
Start from the beginning of the thread.
Im really sorry to hear this Mariposa :( I hope that you find out what it is, and that it is something treatable. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.
well i find it difficult to believe that a vet cannot make a diagnosis of degenerative myelopathy in a GSD, when its a classic disease. no need to be rude, okie-dobe.
Yes, I have taken her to the vet on 2 separate occasions....this vet is an animal hospital and is always really really busy....they see the animals as fast as they can and get them out the door...I am checking into another vet....after reading about Degenerative Myelopathy, her symptoms are exactly this. I will let you all know what I find out.
Wishing the best for your girl, Mariposa. Please do keep us posted and don't give up hope. A pinched nerve could have the same effects and that's likely treatable.
I hope you find out what the problem is and can treat it. Good luckand let us know.
So sorry to hear about your girl. I know it's so hard when we don't have the answers or know how to best help them. You're both in my prayers, please do keep us posted!
Thank you everyone for all of your words of kindness....I just talked to a Vet that can do a Mylogram....but the cost is $900 plus initial costs of just being seen...not sure if I am going to take that route or not. She is 8 and I don't know if I can afford to invest that much money right now knowing that she probably won't be around for too many more years anyways. The whole thing just breaks my heart.
Mariposa, there is a very well-established veterinarian at the University of Florida named R. M. Clemmons, Assoc. Prof. of Neurology & Neurosurgery, who has been studying DM in GSD for years. He can diagnose (or rule out) DM with a DNA sample which you can send via overnight delivery. Cost is about $80 for that particular test. Here is some information on his testing:

From his DM site ( "Medication":

Over the last 2 decades, we have found 2 medications which appear to prevent progression or result in clinical remission of DM in many (up to 80%) of the patients.

He tells you exactly what that the medication is and where to get it. His studies began from a GSD named "Flash", which is why it's called the "Flash Test". Here is the Flash DM Support Group, where you'll get tons of info from their pull-down menu, esp. a listing of vets in many states familiar with this research: Hope there's one near you. 8 years old is too young to give up on but I'd hate to see you taken advantage of.
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I have a similar problem with my GSD, only our GSD had a lot of blessures from the beginning, we thought and so the vet did that it was pain of growing, he gets rymady and it seems to go well, but every time my husband wants to start training with him, he seems to walk not very well. there were times it was allright and suddenly it starts again, We decided to go back to the vet, and they did X-rays of the hips, wich was very good,so because he is so young, he is 2.5 years old, they thougth again that is was a part of growing, but he walks not normal, in training he jumps but always touch the hedge, and he hardly would not sit.

So we took him to a orthopedic vet, and she takes X-rays of his back, and the diagnose is terrible,his backbones aren't good, they called it the sacrum, normally it has to be one piece and Valdo's is 2 pieces, it must be from the day he was born, normally it started with two and grow together in the belly of the mother to one piece, the bone who cover it above, is been bagged about 1-1.5 cm, and that is a lot. the prognoses is that at the end he will be paralysed, they can do nothing about it. So this was a big shock for us, we try to make his life comfortable as much as we can, and see what the futere brings. We say to eachother we don't wait until he is paralysed, but when the time is there we have to make a decision, to keep him for more pain.

So the only advice I can give, take her to a orthopedic vet, there specialized in it, GSD have sometimes a lot of problems with the skeleton.

Let me know how things turn out! keep us posted.

Here a picture of our boy,

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aaaw Elly, he is so thing about Nina is that she doesn't act like she is in any pain......she will take off running and lose complete control of her back legs and drag them behind her like it is is really strange. I am looking into the test that Sooz posted.
Valdo act also that he is a happy boy, when you see him you can not imagine they. have so much temperament, we see it when he started to walk Lame I am not sure if I write it allright.

Hopefully it all worked out for your girl!
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