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my doberman is scared of everything!

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i have a 1 yr old dobie names corona and she is scared of everything, she is so scared that we will take her out to go to the bathroom and the slightest noise will freak her out and its like she shuts down and has a one track mind, to go back inside. i seriously need help on wut to do. im pregnant and cant handle her dragging me around. shes already hurt me once but i dont want to give her up im determined to find a solution any help that anyone can give me i would appriciate so much
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You probably should try to work with a behaviorist who can take a good look at your dog and help you figure out exactly what is bothering her and then give you some ideas you can try to de-sensitize her. That kind of thing is hard to do over the internet.

I can't help you with recommendations, but perhaps if you can tell us where you live, someone can chime in with some names of folks you could go to for help. Many behaviorists will do a basic evaluation for free or at minimal cost, so at least you could get a start by consulting one.

I don't think there is an instant fix here, but I'm so glad to hear of your determination to help your dog--best of luck for you both.
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Yes, please seek out a professional. I recommend starting with a certified veterinary behaviorist. You can search for one in your area here: Find a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist ACVB
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I agree you need to find a professional to help you with the situation. Lexi (rip), my first dobe was scared of everything. I mean everything. Even ground texture like if the concrete changed to bricks. I was working with her and it was a very slow going road. Sadly she became very ill and passed away. Some of it may never be fixable but controlable. Glad to hear you are willing to work with her. Just know it wont happen over night.
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