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my dobe wont fully open his mouth HELP

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:help_up_2 My poor dobe,

over the last couple of days he will not open his mouth fully and yelps if we try to open it.
he still eats, drinks and licks us but for some reason will no longer open up fully
Can teething cause this problem?.
From what little i can see he has 2 teeth either side of his bottom jaw just starting to come through.
My husband, seems to think it nothing and says I'm worry to much, but my baby is not his mischievous self.
He just lays around asleep or wants to be alone outside, he never want to be alone he would follow you into the bath room if you let him
What I'm trying to say is i worrying over nothing or can this be serious and i need to take him to a vet

Thank you for reading and any comments are welcome
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really you think i should take him now or wait a lttle wile
Don't wait. At the very least, the pup is in pain.
Yep, seek professional advice a.s.a.p.
Take him to his vet--teething will not cause a puppy to not be able to open his mouth and shouldn't cause much pain either.

I can think of a few things that might cause the symptoms you describe and they should be dealt with by a veterinarian.
i have got him a vet apointment tomorrow morning will post the results Thankyou
Slim said:
i have got him a vet apointment tomorrow morning will post the results Thankyou

What did the vet say?
Thank God its nothing serious. My husband gave me the "I told you so" speech but im glad i went.
He has some swelling in the top part of his mouth and the vet gave him a few pain killers to get him through the weekend and told us not to worry
Do you know what the swelling was caused from?
That doesn't sound normal so better safe than sorry to get that puppy to the vet. That was good. I am also curious what would cause the swelling.
If in doubt, let the vet check it out. Money is worth less than your baby.
I wonder if the little dear got his mouth on a bee? I have seen my rocket scientists try to eat bees in our yard.

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