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When we had Mysti we trained her to go to a dog pen we had behind our garage. The pen was from our lab we had before her. We never closed her in it, we just took her back there on a leash and waited with her until she went then praised her alot when she would go. Once she established her "area" she would always go behind the garage to the dog pen and go.
When we got Nexus, we tried to train her to go with Mysti to the pen to go potty. Mysti would always go there, and we would take Nexus with her, on a leash, and Nexus would wander around, sniff, wander some more, investigate, but would not go potty. She would stay in that pen for an hour, and not go. I was suprised a puppy could hold her bladder that long. Occasionally she would pee simply because she would not hold it any longer, but she would NOT poop in that pen. Once we would leave the pen and return in the house, she would do one of two things, she would either stop in her tracks on the way to the house and poop right there on the way in or she would poop in the house as soon as we went in. As hard as we tried, and we spent well over 2 months trying to train her to go in this darn pen, she would NEVER poop back there. We finally gave up and allowed her to just go outside and go where she wanted, as it was not a big deal for my husband to clean the yard ever other day or so. Mysti continued to use the pen, she never searched for where Nexus went and used her spots.
Some dogs it seems are just more stubborn than their owners. I still do not know what it was about that pen unless Nexus felt it was Mysti's territory and she wasnt going to go potty there, but she flat out refused and I really didnt want to spend more than the 2 months we had already tried to get her to go there. When we got Bella, we didnt even try with her, my husband left the gate closed and they dont go back there at all now.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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