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Here are a few pics with my new camera. I'm still kind of trying to figure it out. But here are a few pics.


This one will give you an idea of how much little Z-girl has grown...
Ziris & Piper


Rommel (He was asleep....I woke him up :D..Ooops)
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aww rommel looks so little and cute. ziris looks big! BiB, what kind of conditioner did you say you washed them with? cuz man are they SHINEY!
Yep they don't stop little for long,she is dwarfing Piper in that 1st pic,and how dare you wake my mate Rommel up,us men need our sleep you know!!
Wow, Ziris is getting big. I was watching the Puppy Bowl that my mother taped for me and there was a little floppy eared boxer. She reminded me of Piper, but without the white. It was cute. Then they had kitty half time and I was wondering if that was what Lexus' house looks like.:D They look great BIB.
They are all good looking dogs. The wee girl is getting to be a big girl.
aaaw BiB...Z has gotten soooo big!....what does Piper think of her? And there is my Rommel boy...he is still one of my fav's!
Ziris is a beauty and her ears look great! Love P & Z nose to nose!
Absolutely beautiful dogs!!!
Piper looks so majestic. and yes, I would have to agree with the other Ziris is getting HUGE! But I just love her little puppy face.

They are all three just gorgeous as always :) and Rom does look so tiny all curled up in that basket :)

I think I missed what camera you finally went with...........what was it again?? It looks like it does a nice & clear pic.
OMG!! she is huge BIB!!!!! What does she weigh? Beautiful pictures, and crystal clear to!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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