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My baby's birthday!!!!

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Well it's after midnight so officially it's Gaston's birthday. I can't beleive he is 2 yrs. old, time sure flies and my how he's grown. Here are two pictures one at 7 weeks old and the other full grown. Not to be bragging but my isn't he handsome!!!!

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He is so very handsome. Brag all you want. Happy birthday to him and give him extra treats.
beautiful baby on both shots :)
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to Gaston! :cake:
He is beautiful, or should I say handsome.
Happy Birthday! He is a beauty! Love the portrait.
What a beautiful boy! Big birthday hugs to him!

Beautiful boy you have!
Gaston says thanks everyone for all the nice things ya'll have said.
Gatson is a handsome young man! Congratulations to both of you.

Fine looking doberlad he is too!
happy birthday and brag all you want to!
He is totally gorgeous! Happy Birthday Gaston
MOlly is swooning..... happy birthday Gaston, you handsome devil you.

Awwwwh! Love that baby shot!!!! What a very handsome young man he has turned into! You must be so proud of him!
A mother couldn't be more proud!!!!
Yes he is very handsome! I had a hard time getting Iris and Gypsy off the computer so I could type.. No girls you can't have a poster of him for your room!!!LOL Happy Birthday handsome!!
Maybe Gaston can make a deal with Iris & Gypsy, he does so like the girls or at least he thinks he does!!!! He wants to know if you have any pinups of them???? LOL
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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