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I wanted to share a Birthday Wish with all of you on Grace's birthday, but had a school trip to Monticello and baseball games, birthday parties and neighborhood picnics I hadn't had a chance LOL.

So just to let you know Grace turned 5 on 6/7/07.

Some of you may or may not know about Grace's background story and why she is to me Amazing and why turning 5 is glorious.

Grace was diagnosed with squamos cell cancer of the mouth at the age of 12 weeks of age. She is the youngest I could find anywhere on the net at that time. At the same time my Mother was recovering from lung cancer surgery and my Father had just been diagnosed with throat cancer and now I had this little bitty baby who had cancer!!! I was crushed. The Vet who was caring for her at the time had just separated from my Vet of 20 some years. He said I could try to do radiation but other than that, nothing. So I took her back to my old Vet and he said he could save her!!! So surgery consisted of a crescent shaped piece of jaw bone being removed and being replaced with graphing material (not sure of the name) and she lost 2 and 1/2 teeth (he hemisected one molar). Recovery was a breeze.


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Happy 5th Birthday Grace - may she have many many more of them as a survivor!
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