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Hi Dobie owners...

I'm new to this forum. Started searching around for a doberman forum last week when my 9 year old otherwise healthy doberman had an excessive drinking and frequent urination problem.

I went to the vet with this, and we did a slew of tests. I am still undergoing tests as I write, but I wanted to see if anyone else here has had either of these 2 diseases and if so, what your dog's symptoms were and am I going down the right path.

Here's a list of her symptoms and tests we've done so far:

Initial symptoms: (going back to 2 weeks ago) Frequent and excessive drinking of water at all times of day and evenings too. Frequent urination, but not in the house.

Today: 2 weeks later - still frequent drinking, however, excessive urination just leaking out from her wherever she lays, sits, and when she sleeps. So much so that I'm constantly after her to clean up the rug and soak it out of the carpet with Nature's Miracle - it's mostly water though and not much urine.

Initial Blood Panel from Friday 11/11/2011 shows:

1. Liver enzymes elevated
2. Protein level - globulin elevated
3. Calcium elevated

My doctor said the following on these results (and note in bold this is the latest this week what we've done):

1. Liver enzymes: Hers are actually down from where they were 6 months ago but they are at 366. Previously they were 1300 at the highest, then have gone down from there.

Friday 11/18 we did a bile acids test -- this came back good. < 1.0 umol/L in the bile acids & post prandial. Ultrasound shows that her liver isn't smooth like fine sandpaper, but rather more coarse. The specialist said this isn't alarming right now and that she just wants to keep this in mind. (This is today 11/21 at the specialists)

2. Elevated Protein level - This elevated globulin is a sign of either chronic inflammation or cancer. Normal value is 4.5, Lexi's value is 6.2.
He recommended we do another test called "Protein Electrophoresis" which would determine *which* of the proteins were elevated. If all proteins are elevated, then it's inflammation, if it's only 1, then it's a possibility of cancer. We did this test, and she is showing only 1 protein elevated. This test shows "Monoclonal Gammopathy". (Meaning only 1 protein is elevated - more signs of cancer). Polyclonal gammopathy would be signs of a chronic bacterial infection or inflammation.

3. Elevated Calcium - Dr. recommended doing an *Ionized Calcium Level* test. We did this. This test shows if it's a true elevation in the levels of calcium whether you grab blood that has fat in it or not. The reading is much more accurate. Here ionized calcium is still high.

Tests we've done after these findings:

Ultrasound today - which showed the liver being coarse, no other findings on abnormalities in the organs. This is good.

Also ran a blood clotting test today and a PT Blood test, and a PTT blood test (I think one of these is the clotting test) and a Tick Panel. By the way, they didn't think the tick panel would come back with anything positive, but we did this because I'm fearful of the anesthesia and bone marrow aspiration. Just ruling out the easier things first. Lexi is on doxycycline for about 9 months now for a nail autoimmune disease (which is perfectly clear now) and the doxycycline is treatment for Lyme's disease so this is why they are not leaning towards this as a diagnosis.

Both my doctor and the specialist recommend a bone marrow aspiration with sedation and the bone marrow cytology with CBC. I'm just nervous about putting my dog under the heavy sedation with propofol and/or with regular gas anesthesia when she's otherwise perfectly healthy... but both doctors recommend that this may give us the answers we need.

May have forgotten to mention that both vets believe this could be multiple myeloma or lymphoma, so they are looking for these markers in the bone marrow aspiration test.

Has anyone gone through this? and if so, what happened both before and after. I appreciate everyone reading this and your thoughts. Thank you!
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