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Mr. Disk Face

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Here's the G Man looking quite goofy!
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This is one of the Tuffie's that we were talking about
HAHAHAHA....look at the bright side, it keeps him from banging his head on things...esp. you. They are boneheaded dogs! I would think of that ring as a medical device. yeah, a head donut.
They are boneheads for sure!!!
This picture was taken 2/10/06 and he still has about 1/2 of that ring left.
Promising! I am curious now how long it will take mine to destroy it LOL
Wow, worth it's weight in gold then. The only thing I've had that lasted that long (as a toy) is my garden hose.
You mean you have an intact garden hose!! Mischa had to kill mine early on she obviously saw it as an enemy of the doberman nation.
This is the first stuffie toy that did not go to the great stuffie resting place in the sky. They sure can take a beating. And we have that disk face around here too.
Lol I have stuffed toy bodies all over my house, Lady rips all their "guts" out and then plays with their bodies.
That might be a match in my house then. It did say that they had squeakers in it right? That might make it a deadly match.
There are squeakers inside but not that easy to get to as most plush toys.
As long as they squeak, they will be happy to get to them, err play with them. :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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