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im sorry but i will have to disagree - i find it rude and annying when my neighbors dogs bark nonstop - even if they are out with them.

there is no reason for my dogs to be barking outside incessantly - if they do, i correct them and stop them, or bring them inside. i dont allow nonstop barking in the house, i dont allow it anywhere. its rude and disruptive.

my neighbors have dogs that bark nonstop - and its annoying and i cannot WAIT to move - beacuse im tired of being on the phone and having them bark. im tired of being out on my deck and having them bark at me. im tired of watching a movie and having a barking dog be the background. i cannot spend any time outside of my house without having one of them bark, and their nonstop barking makes it hard for MY dogs to be outside and quiet - so i eventually have to take them inside.

they dont need an electronic collar - they need training, pure and simple. barking inappropriately means the fun ends and game over. you can bark a warning, you can bark when appropriate, but you dont get to bark nonstop and you dont get to bark to hear your own "voice".

every weekend morning at 6 am, two of my neighbors tie their dogs up outside and they commence barking something that goes on intermittently for hours on end. when saturday is your only day to sleep "in", it's pretty frustrating to have to wake up because all you can hear is the local golden and shiba inu barking at each other.

i think your neighbor is being pretty polite about it - even though you may not hear it because you grew up in a kennel, that doesnt change the fact that your dogs are barking a ton and disrupting your neighbors life.
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