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More pics - lol - sorry

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I inadvertently left out my third dog in all the pics I sent yesterday. He is my nearly 14 year old pit/labrador retriever/possibly some Shephard mix. Even though this is the Doberman forum, it was wrong of me to not include him :) So here he is.....look at those ears!!

Oh, and I included one of Bumpy when he was 8 weeks old (it wasn't Christmas, but I knew I would never have a Christmas with him that small so I pretended - lol)
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Why on earth would you say Sorry for posting more pics?? That's just crazy talk, LOL

The kids are too cute....I like the difference in size from bumpy then & now!
You never have to apologize for posting doggie pics. How great that you dog is almost 14! :)
He's very cute and has a nice expression in his eyes.
your on a picture roll! lol I like it! we all love pictures! they are both very cute!
Very cute.
Great pics. Nice to see a sr citzen. Thats credit to your good care.
yeah your senior doesnt look his age!!!!! I would have thought he was 3 maybe 4 :)
Lol! - that pretending it's christmas thing made me laugh a lot! how cute!
You can tell your older mature dog you saved best for last. What is the cutie's name?
My good boy's name is Bo. I rescued him when he was 7 months old and he is just the greatest dog. He gets up and follows me wherever I go. If I go into the backyard to get to the garage where the washer/dryer are, he always stands at the door to make sure I am ok. When I get up in the middle of the night, he always gets up with me. I feel bad because he is old, as much as I don't want to admit it...and I hate that he always gets up because I know that it must sometimes hurt his old bones. I don't see any signs of arthritis, but I figure that something must sometimes be achy for him. He always has this worried look on his face like he is in deep thought and he raises his eyebrows whenever he hears a noise. He is one of a kind, so loyal and I just hope that he has a few more good years in him. He is quirky, won't walk in the lawn sometimes, insists on walking down the driveway and on the curb to get to the car, so that his feet don't touch the lawn....yet, he has no trouble peeing in the grass later in the day. He just cracks me up constantly. I think the other two keep him young.
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Don't you know an ole yeller dawg when you see one. Parentage is unknown and they alway look part lab because of the face and color. One of the most obedient and loyal dogs I've ever had. They all have these big soft brown eyes and soleful looks.
Awww Lana. I have a soft heart for those whatchamacallit muts. My Summer is 13 and I know that feeling of just wanting to protect her from feeling like she always has to protect me. She has aged so much since Cleo died but I love those little hints of youth that she surprises me with every now and then. Spoil the handsome fellow all you can.
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