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URGH!!!! I just had a feeling that it was that or something else. 7 loose poopies today so far and starting to show more tinges of blood. Soooooo, got the results from the latest fecal and it "still shows a little bit of the coccidia". So, whether or not reinfestation or still from the last time is unknown.

I haven't talked to the vet, just got his message and left one of my own, but....I'll need to boil his toys again (the ones that can be) and need to know the best time to do it. Should I just do it daily? I don't think his rope thingy has been touched by poo but I'd like to do something with it too if it can be done. Can I put it in the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes or so? I'd hate to throw out a few of his things because they are so expensive to replace, but less expensive then repeat testing and continuous treatment. I'd just like to save what can be saved without having to replace.

I just want this over with. I love having a puppy around again but I admit it does have it's difficult times that I don't necessarily call my favorites. Mostly his hourly diarrhea spells.
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