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Modeling their bling bling

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Here are a few pictures of Gaston & Roxy wearing their collar covers and their bling bling collars. The first two are the covers that go over their prong collars. You know how some people just don't understand these collars and think the prongs are horrible things. It's easier to put these on and not have to explain 100 times. The last three are a couple of their fancy collars, please don't ask how many collars and leashes that they have because I have lost count at this point. My kids also fall under the SRD dept.
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I know what you mean about the prong collars, people look at you like you are slowly killing your dog or something. Love the collars and covers. :D Beautiful Models too!
Love the collars............and such pretty/handsome models too!

Not all people think you are hurting the dog.........there are some people that see the collar and assume the dog is soooo vicious that you can't control it otherwise :(
are the ribbon collars from Fancy Nancy's? ( they look like Jan's work)
I like the collars but the models would make anything look good,Roxy's collar colour just seems to suit her perfect.
Great idea for the prong-covers.

Did you make them yourself, or they an off-the-shelf item?

I still haven't had anybody say anything about Mensa's prong collar, except for the kids who think it's "cool".

We went walking around Palm Springs last night, and met at least 100 people who stopped to pet Mensa, and no one said anything about her collar. Maybe it's a "California Thing", I don't know.
I love the new bling. The covers are cute. I know the look with the prong collars. I just hate to see the people that put them on backwards so they look "cool". Get a real collar.
Those are very cool. Nice job.

The last visit I made to pick up Mrs Kratty last bling at the jeweler, nikki went with me. The owners let me bring her in. I jokingly made a comment about getting Nikki some bling, and low a behold they let her modeled an 18 inch by 1 inch gold necklace covered in diamond stones. After finding out I could by a new midsize car for that price, they looked into cubic zirconium instead. It still ran into buying a nice compact car....Sorry no bling right now...LOL
uwharrie I'm not sure who made the ribbon collars, I got them last year at the Charleston/Ladson dog show. There is a tag on the back with W.K.G and the phone # 888-765-2164. Gaston's granny(who owned my Gaston & your Willow's grandfather Stoney)rmade the prong collar covers.
Beautiful pictures and collars. They look similar to *******'s collar and hers came from Mrs. Bones.
They are beautiful. I would like to get those too. Any web sites anyone finds pleas post.

Chaz--off the subject a little, but walking around Palm Springs makes me jealous. I have had my snow and ice fix---I now want Springggggggggggg.:boldblue:
here is the link to Fancy Nancy's. She does the collars with the fancy trim Jan has Dobermans
Wow nice collars and that 16 yr old dobie lady Miss Gretchen how fantastic is she.
gosh gaston is big! they both look nice in the collars. you can really see their color difference in the first one.
Thanx for the collar cover idea.

Speaking of 'bling' - Ralph Lauren showed a Swarovski crystal choker-style dog collar with a gorgoeus drop at the throat. Price was pretty gorgeous as well: $1800 US. Modelled on a blonde afghan hound - would have looked better on a Dobe!!

Hubby joked that he was going to get that for Java for Xmas. I gently reminded him that he would probably be a dead man if I found he had spent more on jewelry for our dog than for moi!
bleh60 Gaston is 92lbs. of solid muscle and Roxy is 70lbs. Everyone told me that when he turned 2 he would bulk up and boy were they right! His uncle weighs about the same and his dad is about 95 lbs. You would not believe how strong my boy is!!!
wow, and he is beautiful! he sounds like the kind of boy i'd like.:jonkel:
Thanks, he is Mama's rotten boy! OK refresh my memory about your pets.
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