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Mishka melts readers' hearts

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Stumbled on this article and thought you all might find it interesting. Sad the perp was only banned from owning pets for five years. Also, have to wonder why it took so long for the SOB to be convicted. Mishka has been in care "for almost 12 months."


Mishka melts readers' hearts
Article from:
Holly Ife
July 14, 2007 12:00am
THE RSPCA switchboard went into meltdown yesterday as hundreds of animal lovers called wanting to adopt mistreated doberman Mishka.
The Herald Sun reported yesterday that Benjamin Gerrey, of Kilsyth, had been banned from owning pets for five years after being convicted of kicking Mishka, breaking her neck and four ribs.
Gerrey, 27, was convicted of two charges of animal cruelty in the Ringwood Magistrates' Court.
RSPCA senior inspector Lisa Weston said support from the community had been overwhelming.
"The switchboard has gone into meltdown with people wanting to support Mishka -- either wanting to adopt her or just to lend their support to the RSPCA inspectors," she said.
But despite potential adoptees lining up, Mishka must undergo further rehabilitation in foster care before being settled with a family.
"She had horrific injuries when she came in and they have healed exceptionally well," Ms Weston said.
"But she has had such a stressful start to her poor little life and she needs to learn to trust people again. She is very timid, she's very gentle.
"We are trying to build up her confidence a bit."
Ms Weston said RSPCA staff and volunteers, who have cared for Mishka for almost 12 months, have fallen in love with the doberman.
When Mishka is ready, she will be featured on the RSPCA website.
Ms Weston is hoping some of the kind-hearted animal lovers who contacted the shelter yesterday will consider adopting one of the other dogs available.
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I'd like to meet that man in a dark alley....

Carol & Petey!
Oh, I can see how people would fall in love what that pitiful face. It seems impossible for somebody to hurt her like that. It's things like this that I have to remind myself that God does judge us. She'll go to a great, lucky home.
Oh my **cries** I think that idiot deserves a lot worse than he got, and also 5 years is not long enough.......He NEVER needs a pet of anykind again!

Poor sweet baby.......I hope she gets the best home any dobe EVER had :)
Maybe some one should break his neck and ribs and see how it feels. I agree he should never own another animal and have to go through therapy.
Personally, I wouldn't mind taking the boots to's sad, but there is WAY to much of this in rescue

This guy was today sentenced to two years jail.:biggthump
I'd like to meet that man in a dark alley....

Carol & Petey!
I would be right beside you.
Dog-abuser's sentence slashed after threats

Can you belief this rot?

Dog-abuser's sentence slashed after threats By Mike Edmond
August 29, 2007 01:00am

A MAN who kicked a puppy almost to death has had his jail sentence halved because of hate mail from animal lovers.

Magistrate Len Brear sentenced Benjamin Gerrey, 27, to six months' jail for his drunken attack on his doberman puppy, Mishka.

But Mr Brear suspended three months of the sentence because Gerrey had been "bullied" by dog lovers.

He said the flow of venomous letters, emails and phone calls to Ringwood Magistrates' Court and Gerrey's family bordered on contempt.

Mr Brear said the hate mail began after coverage of the hearing six weeks ago, at which Gerrey was convicted of two cruelty charges and banned from owning a pet for five years.

"People who write these letters are bullies. More often than not they are sick in the head," he said.

"Such communications are contemptuous of the court. It may border on an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

"The court condemns this sort of communication."

Mishka is still traumatised 18 months after the attack and is kept behind bars at the RSPCA Burwood headquarters.

She is physically fit, but is not psychologically ready yet to put her trust in people.

"She's still very fragile, especially with males, after what happened to her," supervisor Tamara Brown said at the RSPCA shelter yesterday.

"We're trying to socialise her, monitoring her behaviour, but at this stage it's hard to tell when she will be ready for adoption."

Mr Brear rejected a plea from Gerrey's lawyer for a non-custodial sentence.

He said Gerrey, formerly of Kilsyth, showed grossly callous indifference to the suffering of Mishka, who was five months old at the time.

"You perpetrated acts of cruelty to this dog by beating it in a despicable way," Mr Brear told him.

"It indicates a ferocious attitude, triggered by I don't know what.

"Those who perpetrate cruelty are people who are capable of venting their anger on humans."

Senior RSPCA inspector Allie Jalbert said the jailing of Gerrey was a good outcome.

"It sends a very strong message that animal cruelty won't be tolerated by the community," she said.
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